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How To Play

The object of the game is to mimic Benny's moves. Each time you correctly match his flashes, the level goes up. If you click out of order, you have to start over at level 1. Once you start the game, the text area will show you what to do and whose turn it is. Pretty simple.
Here's how to play:
  • Press the 'Go!' button to start. Benny will have his turn (Remember in which order he moves!) When Benny is done, it's your turn. Just match his moves in the exact order. The game will keep track of button presses.
  • An alert box will pop up telling you if you did it correctly or if you lost. Losing starts the game back at level 1. Matching Benny's moves correctly advances you to the next level.
  • Don't try to cheat! If you copy Benny's moves while it is not your turn, those clicks won't count.
  • Note: Be sure to press AND release the mouse button while over each button. If you don't, the button won't change color the way it's supposed to.
    - -(-Benny's Bio Below-)- -

  • Benny Remembers?
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    'Benny P.' Sanders . . . . . . . . . . A Musical Resume . . . . . . . .

    Born: September 7, 1957
    Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Experience: 1972-1981 Worked as a Disc Jockey including '74-76 at radio station "CKWR" in Kitchener.

    1979-1981 Owned/Engineered "The Random LaMarsh Multitrack" recording studio.

    1980-1981 Played drums in band "The Radar Rangers" (also in the reformed band '83)

    1981-1982 Produced and played all roles (drums, guitar, bass/vocals keys) in a music video "Benny Phobic and The Interns"

    1982-1983 Disc Jockeying (clubs and private functions)

    1983-1986 Drums/vocals with bands in the Toronto area ("Tri-actor", "Crescent Moon", "Outer Limits")

    1986-1992 Formed "The Benny P. Band" a.k.a. "Benny P. ETC" (performed as drummer/lead vocalist/guitarist)

    1990 Solo tour in southern Ontario as "Benny P." including the "Libertarian Party of Ontario" election campaign.

    1991 Performed in Germany with "Celebration Band" (guitar, keyboards, vocals)

    1991 Solo tour of vacation resorts in southern Florida (as "Benny P.").

    1992-1995 Solo engagements in Ontario.

    1994-1995 Leader/drummer of "The Purple Gang", backup band for "Champaign Elvis"

    '96-present Drummer/vocals, guitar & keyboards for "H to Oh!" as well as the occasional solo gig.

    I have written and recorded many of my own compositions, was commissioned to write a 25 minute piece for a showing of modern fashions at Toronto Town Hall and have provided the musical sound tracks for a number of video productions. I am in the early stages of the production of a band CD of original pieces & covers.

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