Darren - Guitarist with H to Oh!
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Darren Kraemer . . . . . . . . A Musical Resume

Born: December 28, 1977
Birth Place: Deepest Darkest Africa
Instrument: Geetar
Influences: Charlie Mingus, Lee van Leer

When I was 4 years old, my father bought me a red eukelele. My first cerebral musical experience occurred later that week, while singing, dancing and playing the new instrument I hit my head against a wall and had to get stitches. When I formed my first band, Peanutbut, I realized that the eukelele was out of tune...so I bought an electric guitar...Shortly before the band dissolved I co-wrote/produced/engineered our debut album "Peanutbut Opus #1: the mushrooms"...I have since played with such bands as 'Free Cookies', 'Jazzriel', 'Daddy Long Legs & the Flies', 'Lee van Leer and the Nouns' and am in the process of recording an album of musical malapropism. Just after the turn of the century, I began playing with "H to Oh!"

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