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H to Oh! is:

Jim Campbell - Sax/Keys/Harp/Guitar
Richard Campbell - Bass/Vocals
Godfrey Martyres - Guitar/Vocals
Tina Reece - Keyboards
Benny Sanders - Drums/Lead Vocals/Guitar

and on occasion:
Lee Van Leer - Guitar/Vocals

Bridget Taylor- Vocals

Darren Kraemer - Guitar/Vocals

"H to Oh!" - A Musical Resume

Born : Name - Spring 1995
- - - - Band - Over many years, jammed in Fall 1995 then officially began in December 1996

Birth Place : Name- On the 115/35 highway (southbound) near Orono, Ontario
- - - - - - - - Band - First rehearsals in Innismore (‘95), regular rehearsals in City of York (‘96)

Re-birth : Fall of 1999 at 'The Hard Rock Cafe, Skydome'
Re-birth : Fall of 2001 at 'Canadian Musicians for Liberty'

A Short History : Richard and Benny met in ‘Radar Rangers’ ('79) and played in ‘Basic Astronomy’,‘Benny P. Band’ & ‘The Purple Gang’. Godfrey Martyres joined Richard, Benny and Tina Reece (keys in Purple Gang) to jam in the latter months of ‘95. In late ‘96, G., R. & B. started working towards gigging and jammed at Adam’s Rib, Grossman’s & The Millenium. First gigs were co-hosting a jam with Dean Grey in mid ‘97 at Trojan’s then a full evening at Millenium in August 1997. In the Spring of 1999, a live recording was produced at 'The Black Swan' and in the Summer a 3 tune CD was recorded, including the original (that Benny wrote on the subway for 'Meltdown at The Winchester') "Nuclear Bomb" and a high adrenaline version of "Magic Carpet Ride" (with Toronto music legend 'Lee Van Leer' on keyboards). In the late fall, the 3 piece core band competed in 'Tech Jams' (an exclusive contest for IT management individuals) and placed 4th after 4 appearances during the three weeks of contests at 'The Skydome's Hard Rock Cafe'. Jim Campbell was added (sax/keys/harp) during this time as the band he was working with fell by the wayside earlier in the competition. In 2000, rehearsals in Toronto and Aurora, a handful of jams and the 'Mother's Against Poverty' event prepared them to play at the 2000 'Beaches Blues Festival', as always, combining music, fun and a great cause. For this event Benny penned 'Mel's Moose Boogie', a jazzy tune about the antics of Toronto's infamous mayor, Mel Lastman. In the fall of 2000, Godfrey left for reasons of health and the lead guitar position was filled by Darren for a weekend gig, ... and they decided to keep him for a while.

Godfrey has returned as of Nov. 2001, when the 3-piece core band was joined by Lee Van Leer to play at CMFL (Canadian Musicians for Liberty), attaining a position in the Guinness Book of World Records. In early 2002, the 4 (and 5) piece band began playing gigs again in the Southern Ontario Region, including an appearance at 'Carnaval'.

Gig dates are posted on the main page. Keep an eye out for an 'H to Oh!' event in your area, or call and book one.

Alan Heart Management ~ 416-566-4521 - pager 416-336-3457

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