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Richard's Wisdom
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Richard Campbell . . . . . . . . . . A Musical Resume . . . . . . . . . .
Born: October 7, 1951
Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In 1966 I got my first bass guitar and Iíve never looked just forwards nor backwards since then, just both. Some of the bands Iíve played/worked with include: GRIPPEN MIRE, EDWIN HUBBLE, TEX BOOKCASE & THE RADAR RANGERS (with Benny PHOBIC and Damon HINES), BASIC ASTRONOMY, and the Benny P. Band. My favourite colour is a kind of eerie blue with a hue of green interlaced thereon. With Godfrey Martyres, Benny Phobic, Jim Campbell & Tina Reece, We/I enjoy producing sonically-challenging music which is equally listenable & danceable. Be forwarned &/or postwarned!

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