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Photos to Share
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Photography is a way to capture and celebrate life. I am posting some photos for your enjoyment. I hope you like what you see!


Jay Jay is the eldest of our three cats.  His name was originally 'Joey' when my paperboy gave him to me (in about 1995). (His mother did not want a cat in the house). JJ was mentored by 'Bootsy' (who has since passed away) and has picked up a very mellow attitude.  'Uncle Lee' calls him 'Jack', and he just loves to sleep peacefully on the end of the bed.


Cinnamon Toast is a brown tabby with orange under tones (much like J.J. in fact). He and 'J' almost look like book-ends.  Toast's tail is much slimmer and the cinnamon colour is a bit more evident. He is a bit 'high strung', but seems to be calming down recently, though I have never managed to clip his nails. Toast is the original 'bathroom kitty'. He loves to get pet by whom-ever enters.  He has given up 'wake-up kitty' duties to Wendy.


We found 'Wendy' on the Trans-Canada Highway (in Quebec) at about 4 AM in Aug. of 2002.  'She' ran out onto the road and I swearved to miss her.  When Stefani & I went back to see if she was ok, we heard a very loud yowling.  This white ball-of-fluff was terrified.  We picked the kitty up, and brought it into our van.  I quickly realized that the kitten (who was about 8-10 weeks old) was deaf. She got the name 'Wendy' after Stefani's aunt whos New Brunswick resting place had alluded us for some hours, causing us to be delayed on our trip back to Toronto.  Sometime after arriving home (a few weeks actually) we realized that 'Wendy' is a male cat. 
He is all white and actually has beautiful blue eyes.  He name is under some discussion.  :)  He is presently the 'wake-up kitty'.  He gets up, on my shoulder, while I sleep and purrs until I wake-up.  Recently, seeing as that was not working well, he decided to bat me on the side of the head.  He swatted me once, paused to see if I awoke (I had but played possum for a few minutes) than smacked me again. I petted him and thanked him for awakening me.


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