Lee Van Leer and The Nouns
Lee Van Leer - Keys/Guitar/Lead Vocals
Benny P. - Drums/Lead & BG Vocals
Dave D. - Guitar/Vocals
Tullio B.- Bass

The band plays rock 'n' blues featuring the unique guitar style of long-time musical performer Lee Van Leer. Lee plays solos using only his thumb, something that it takes other guitarist 5 fingers to do. Once seen, never forgotten.

Mystery Lee

Paint is a three piece version of LVL&TN. Sometimes there's just too much sound to be contained in a medium size club. This is the abbreviated band.

Lee Van Leer & Benny P.
The duo of Lee (keys & guitar)and Benny P. (guitar & keys) play blues, ballads and some great rock 'n' roll. Everything from Freddie King to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Beatles to Z.Z. Top. In venues that won't quite hold the full band, you can still enjoy this sound.