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We are very saddened at the recent loss of guitarist Godfrey Martyres. His passing on November 9th has shocked us all. A memorial will be added to this site as soon as the information has been gathered.

----------------------------- Year 2003 EVENTS -----------------------------

Thursday February 6th, 2003 - Benny & Godfrey performed at 'Carnaval'
at Humbercrest - St. Marks Rd. Toronto, Ont. - (416) 394-2370. A great evening!

Saturday February 8th, 2003 - The Lazy Lizard - 22 Balliol (Yonge & Davisville)
Toronto, Ontario. CALL (416) 932-8194 and join us for our next evening there.

Saturday February 15th, 2003 - 'H to Oh!' was booked for a private party.

March thru May - H to Oh! on hiatus due to personal commitments and final CD touches. Godfrey and Benny performed numerous gigs as 50% of 'Lee Van Leer & The Nouns'

Friday June 20th & Sunday June 22nd, 2003 - 'H to Oh!' played at the Parkdale Culture Mosaic Festival. Friday night featured the 'Opening Ceremonies' and the three piece band played a wide variety of styles. A smaller but enthusiastic crowd attended on Sunday, as H to Oh! closed the event.

WEDNESDAY JULY 16th, 2003, "H to Oh!" played at 'Hollywood on the Queenway'
The event was shot for a future television broadcast on the Life Network.
Watch for them on an upcoming episode of 'Say Yes and Marry', Sundays at 7:30.
Here are links to related sites - > **>Link to the Hollywood info*, *Link to the new song* + *Link to the song list<**
and for pictures of the evening, click here ===> *Hollywood July 16th photos* <=== click here,

August thru November - H to Oh! on hiatus due to health of Godfrey. Richard and Benny performed numerous gigs as 50% of 'Lee Van Leer & The Nouns' and 2/3 of 'Dean Gray Trio'.

November 9th, 2003 - Godfrey has passed away after a lengthy illness. A memorial will be added to our site to celebrate his life. Godfrey and Benny have played together for over 28 years. We all miss him.

November 14th - H to Oh! gig from July 16th appears for its first viewing on 'The LIFE Network'

November 15th until November 25th - Benny on vacation in Thailand

November 27th - Benny and Richard play Trojan's with Dean Gray Trio

November 27th - Benny and Richard play Timothy's with Lee Van Leer and the Nouns

------------------- UP COMING EVENTS -----------------------

Upcoming : The Millenium - Dundas St. West - Fall 2003

'H to Oh!' will begin regular gigging again soon after a lengthy break. The CD is due soon!

2003 - A return to the 'new' WAVES Sports Bar? - 2749 Lakeshore Blvd. West
- Etobicoke Ontario - Watch for it!

Other 'in the works' include 'JRs' on the Lakeshore, Badger's Rest in Aurora,
return to Hollywood on the Queensway, PK Creek in Mississauga, Lee's Palace,
some Brampton appearances and a return to The Gate.
We'll post details here.


The 4
                           Piece H to Oh! - Godfrey returns and Tina's Hiding


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*Who is Benny? *Godfrey Martyres
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Lee Van Leer & the Nouns

L.V.L. & the Nouns - GTA Appearances

Lee Van Leer at

LINKS to information about vocalist "Bridget Taylor":
Bridget Taylor

Previous Years' Events :

fund-raiser on Saturday October 27th, 2001 - 9AM-10AM.

The event supported the Canadian Red Cross USA Relief Fund.
They performed LIVE at 1900 Lakeshore Rd. in Mississauga Ontario (905)-403-9941 and via the Internet at (a Guinness World Book Record Event)along with other bands ranging from Ronnie Hawkins, Red Ryder, and Goddo, to Jeff Healey, Alan Frew and The Open Mike [Bullard] Band.

December 22nd, 2000 - 7th Annual Beaches Christmas Blues Festival <-(photos temp. offline) (416)-698-9780
The Church at Berkley - 315 Queen St. East, Toronto Ontario
Thank you for supporting the Hepatitis-C Society . . . . also featured :
Paul James, Ottawa's Sandmouth plus Toronto blues veteran, Micheal Hasek

H to Oh! appeared on CITY-TV's 'Breakfast Television'
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2000 7 to 9 AM
Thanks to Brad and all the members of the 'BT' bunch!

H to Oh! reformed in November 1999, played four evenings at the Toronto Skydome's Hard Rock Café and reached the finals of the IT Management competition held there.

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